All about pitbull and clumber spaniel breed mix

All about pitbull and clumber spaniel breed mix

All About Clumber Spaniels

If you have recently gotten a new dog and have decided to go with the pitbull and clumber spaniels, you might be wondering a few things about this breed mix. Here’s what you need to know about Clumber’s lifestyle. Clumbers shed a lot, are prone to ear infections, and are generally quiet workers. While the pitbull and clumber spaniel breed mix may look adorable and have many wonderful qualities, you may not be willing to sacrifice a clean house and a clean home.

Clumber is a pitbull and a clumber spaniel breed mix

The Clumber is a pitbull and Clumber spaniel breed mix that has an irresistible combination of personality and looks. A Clumber is a playful, intelligent, stubborn, and dignified breed. They thrive on human attention and make excellent family pets. Clumbers are wigglers, and from puppyhood they will carry things in their mouth. You can find them wagging their entire bodies when greeting you. If you have a Clumber, you’ll find them carrying their favorite toy in their mouth.

He sheds a lot

If you’re considering adopting a Clumber Spaniel, you should know that this dog breed tends to shed a lot. The Clumber is a medium to large-sized breed with a wicked sense of humor and sporting breed roots. It is not a couch potato, but it does shed a lot and slobber a lot. The Clumber needs daily brushing to prevent excessive hair from piling up on the carpet.

He is prone to ear infections

The Clumber Spaniel breed is prone to ear infections, as its ears are floppy and trap moisture. Bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments. If your Clumber develops an ear infection, it will often shake its head and scratch itself. The best way to treat a Clumber is to wipe out the ear with a clean cotton ball and a solution prescribed by a veterinarian. Avoid sticking anything into the ear canal. Similarly, Clumbers should brush their teeth twice a week, which will prevent bad breath and gum disease.

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He is a quiet worker

If you want a quiet worker, consider a Clumber Spaniel. This medium to large spaniel has a laid-back appearance and an entertaining sense of humor. This breed’s roots in the sporting breeds mean that Clumbers are not couch potatoes, but they do need some exercise. If you have young children, a Clumber is not a good choice because it may become a hooligan or pushy when young. For this reason, it’s important to establish early leadership and establish rules that are consistent and predictable.

He is good with children

A Clumber Spaniel is a medium to large dog with a laid-back appearance and a wicked sense of humor. Clumbers are naturally loyal, playful, and athletic. They need little exercise, but do require daily walks. Clumbers tend to shed and slobber a fair amount. While they may be an excellent choice for families with children, they are not suitable for every home.

He is prone to entropion

If you’ve ever noticed a paw print on your hand, you know that a Pitbull and Clumber Spaniel breed combination is prone to entropion. Fortunately, this problem is uncommon. It’s one of the few inherited characteristics of the two breeds, and it’s one that’s treatable. If you’ve seen one, don’t be surprised if you find it’s an old sign of age. It’s just another symptom of an underlying problem.

He needs moderate exercise

The Clumber Spaniel breed needs a moderate amount of exercise everyday. This breed requires no more than a 20 to 30-minute walk, and two to four hours of playtime a day. Clumbers make great walking companions, but you must exercise them moderately to prevent joint problems. Their sensitive back and long legs need moderate exercise, so you must avoid running with your Clumber.

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